Apollo Group offer complete CCTV solutions to suit your needs and your budget. We use our expertise to assess all client needs and provide you with a detailed specification installation plan.


CCTV systems have become common place in shops, restaurants, and across a wide range of businesses, but is there any real advantage to installing a CCTV security system in your home?

Most insurers will recognize the benefits of a home CCTV system and reduce insurance premiums when installed in your home.  The other benefits of home security are the ability to view live recordings from a remote device or using playback features of recordings after the fact.

CCTV is becoming more affordable for home users as technological advances have led to cost reductions in the manufacturing of CCTV systems.


The benefits of CCTV in business are numerous, from acting as a deterrent to theft to protection from illegitimate accident claims.  The correct CCTV system for your needs can pay for itself several times over.  Apollo Group provide a range of CCTV systems from entry level right up to the highest level.  We assess your needs and recommend the right solution for your business.

High Definition Picture Quality

With image quality so crucial, our HD and Megapixel CCTV camera systems let you zoom in to capture the small detail – such as sleight of hand theft. If you have analogue cameras already installed in your premises, Apollo Group can upgrade you to HD CCTV without having to replace your entire security system. Simply switch the cameras and recorder, and your premises is more secure than ever.

Mobile View

Access your video surveillance system from your mobile phone, tablet or PC to view live or recorded images and receive notifications of all your alarm events. Dual stream support gives you two different views from your IP camera: one in high definition for recording and one in a lower resolution for live display. This saves bandwidth and means your recorder can display more cameras.

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